At Lee Construction, we are truly honored that our past and current clients are our biggest fans and greatest source of new business referrals. We are proud of our reputation for building consistently high quality homes while keeping our client's satisfaction and comfort top of mind. We treasure the long-lasting friendships we have developed with our clients over the years and welcome you to contact any of them for a recommendation.

We have lived in Serrano for 18 years. We built our first home in 1999 and decided to build our dream home a few years ago also within Serrano. We interviewed 4 builders before we made our decision to go with Lee Construction. The Lees choose to live right in the middle of our small community among many of their customers. Residents of Serrano are well-connected with each other through the club and through social circles -and reputation is everything. We have never heard one negative thing or doubt expressed about the Lees, either professionally or personally. The Lees are kind and generous people always willing to help others if they can. Ray is a well-known and well-respected builder, both commercial and residential. He has decades of experience managing large scale projects and teams. Ray is very calm and very smart which is exactly what you want in a builder. Sherine is any new home builder’s secret weapon. Her skill sets amazed us! She is a consummate idea generator and problem solver. She is talented in exterior and interior design as well. Whether managing sub-contractors, getting needed approvals or adhering to time lines, she delivers. The Lees have tremendous integrity and they can be fully trusted to be honest and fair. We recommend Lee Construction to anyone seeking a high-quality builder without reservation.


Michael and Deborah

Sherine, Ray and the entire Lee Construction crew, were phenomenal in helping us realize our dream of building our own home. Lee Construction operates with integrity and a conscientious eye for detail. We had a particularly difficult building site to contend with as a vein of rock ran throughout the entire lot. It took a lot of perseverance and patience to move from concept to dream home on this property. A friend recently asked what I would change about the house after living in it for a year, and I replied absolutely nothing! I thoroughly enjoyed every step of the building process, and I feel so grateful to live in a home that makes me smile every single day!


Ziad & Deborah

Ray and Sherine Lee were our only choice to build our custom home in Serrano. As a design and build team they came highly recommended from real-estate agents and former clients. Seeing their previous homes and current builds sealed the deal. Once we were committed to moving ahead with building, our experience was exceptional. They patiently took us around the area to look at lots, spent many hours in design meetings, and helped us create our beautiful home. Ray's attention to detail and high personal standards in his work make him an excellent builder. Sherine's eye for style and her ability to individualize to each and every client is invaluable. I truly believe she saved my sanity during the endless choices that come with designing and building a home. We had and continue to have complete trust in the quality of work and recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone looking to remodel or build.


Tracy and Terry

We are very discriminating when we spend our money, we expect high quality and value and that is what we got with Lee Construction. We are living in our second home build by Lee Construction and we could not be happier. We give Lee Construction two big thumbs up!

Michael and Cheryl

We have been in the Architecture and Development business for over 25 years and have come across only a few builders that have the attention to detail, organizational abilities and financial knowledge to manage a construction pMellowrocess as complicated and intense as a Custom Residence. Ray and Serine Lee, of Lee Construction Luxury Homes, are just those individuals that excel beyond anything you can imagine!

We couldn't be happier to have them involved in all of our development projects, and most importantly, we can't wait to have them work with us on the design and construction of our own personal home!

Scott and Lorretta

We just wanted to take a moment to say, our experience building a custom home with Lee Construction Luxury Homes has been an exciting and enjoyable experience. We have heard from others that building a custom home could be one of the biggest stresses a homeowner could face. But Ray and Sherine Lee made it trouble-free; if we ever started to feel anxious about something, Ray and Sherine were there each step of the way to lend support and guidance. Both of them REALLY know their stuff when it comes to building quality homes and working with strict HOAs and Architectural Committees. We truly found their level of communication and commitment to excellence AMAZING! It's as if they were building our house for themselves, and this alone has given us a great level of comfort in the building process.

Ray & Sherine, thanks so much for building our dream home !!

Dan & Sherry

Five years ago we purchased a lot overlooking Folsom Lake to build our dream home. The view is unbelievable and the lot is extremely steep. We had to look around and find someone who could handle the challenges the lot presented. This is not a job for a rookie. The lot was steep and rocky and needed extensive grading.

About a year ago, we talked with Ray and Sherine. They accepted the challenge with a smile. With all the difficulties we confronted with grading and foundation, Ray kept pushing the project forward. We are now getting ready for stucco and sheet rock. Ray now faces a different set of challenges; as we keep him busy with suggested changes, modification, and new ideas on a weekly basis. And Ray keeps smiling.

And a few words about Sherine. She helps on detailed home design, everything from picking the right appliances to lights fixtures, doors, windows, etc. She gets our frequent phone calls for questions and consultation. She always cheerfully responds and gives us advice. We love her.

Ray and Sherine are a perfect couple doing a perfect job building our home. They are helping us in every step of the construction and I have to admit we are not the easiest people to build a house for.


Jim & Mary

My wife and I have great things to say about Lee Construction.

We purchased a piece of property in which the previous owners' plan and design of their project was already in a variety of different stages. Some engineering work had been completed and some architectural designs were being developed.

We interviewed several potential builders including one who came highly recommended by a close friend who had just built his second home. The permits had already been pulled so we were up against the clock to meet some critical deadlines. The major challenge was communication between us and the potential builders. We could not get the builders to get back to us in a timely manner, so progress was slow and cumbersome.

My lender suggested that I contact Lee Construction. From the moment I made the call, our project turned from a major headache to an absolute pleasure. I attribute the success of our project entirely to Ray and Sherine Lee of Lee Construction for all of the following reasons:

  • They took an immediate interest in our project and truly listened and understood what we wanted.

  • They had a team of competent people in place to step in and to correct all of the problems that we had inherited or created by our lack of knowledge in building a home.


  • Ray made several recommendations in the design that saved us a lot in construction costs and made the place more livable.

  • Their expertise in filing the necessary permits coupled with the amicable relationship they have with the folks at the Building and Planning Department of El Dorado County contributed to the timely approval of our plans.


  • Ray has a way of dealing with people that demands respect whether he is hiring them or firing them. He has done both on our behalf, and on each occasion our project benefited from his decisions.


  • The integrity that Ray and Sherine bring to the job is reflected in the meticulous application of quality that they put into every aspect of the construction project. It is our opinion that "good enough" is not good enough for Ray and Sherine. It has to be done right.

  • Lee Construction has what we like to call "The Sherine Factor". Sherine keeps everything on track by staying in constant communication with all involved parties. She or Ray are always available either by phone or email. Sherine also has an expert eye for interior design that we appreciate. Lee Construction has great resources when shopping for quality appliances, fixtures, and extras for the interior design of the house, and Sherine is extremely helpful with making decisions.


  • They have a special knack for resolving issues before they become a real problem.

  • The completion of our home is coming in ahead of schedule, under budget, and more beautiful that we ever expected. They have made this project so much fun.

  • I would recommend Lee construction to anyone who is thinking of building a home. The only thing I would have done differently would have been to retain Lee Construction before I talked to anyone else about the job.

Gene & Becky

Sherine and Ray are easy to work with and have integrity. They approach building a home as though it was their own. They share their information and recommendations generously.

They greatly contributed to the success in building our custom home. Sherine and Ray combine skills that simplify the construction process. Ray brings decades of commercial and residential building experience. His attention to detail enhances the quality of construction and optimizes cost. Sherine has excellent management skills that translate into transparency. She stays on top of the process and coordinates all documentation to ensure every part of the project is accounted for. Their team is resourceful and they helped us bring to fruition a design that was inherently challenging.

If we had to pick a builder for a next home we would select the Lee’s again.

Paul and Margarite